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Story of My Life

Hello Everybody! I must say I’ve missed sprinkling my glittery chitterlings with all of you... hope you all didn’t miss me too much!

So in short the story of my life was supposed to go like this... you see that hat? I was supposed to date this awesome guy that played at Gonzaga High School in Washington, DC... EXCLUSIVELY... which never got to happen 🤗 I signed to the University of South Florida with a scholarship.... AND AM SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE WNBA OR THE OLYMPICS... let maybe 15% of the population I encounter on a weekly basis tell me (which is a high percentage)... but I’m not 😇 To sum it all up... which I know all of you are probably tired of hearing about how I’m not spoken for... that’s why I’m here speaking for myself 😃

Now that I’ve gotten the story of what others wanted either me to be or for me. Let me tell you how I think my story should go.... The big man upstairs still kicks me in the behind about some of the things I think... all in all he’s agreed with a few good things so far....

I must say I’m proud of myself. If you’re asking yourself why... outside of the mere fact that I can be... since I love you guys I won’t be that chick... I’ll explain a little further. I’m proud of myself because as of lately I’ve been choosing (not allowing- big difference life’s about choices) to make the type of story to where even the roughest or most bizarre parts of my life... those things represent... or if you will exude some type of inner beauty. I’m talking taking the turn a negative into a positive picture and putting that cliche on steriods. Don’t get me wrong... although I do not believe in faking it until you make it.... I do believe in talking to yourself versus listening to your self. Things, talents, skills, all this stuff comes natural to people that work hard for them. Blessings get allocated to people they belong to.

Back to the story however.... as my little sagga continues it’s been super important to me to change direction from the first 2/3rd’s of my life. Ive tried things out other people’s way for a pretty long time, and although it kind of worked for me... I wasn’t necessarily happy. And no disrespect to anyone... but screw you or whoever else feels/thinks/believes that happiness isn’t important... I’ve lived and due to this fact I’ve learned different!

Im telling you man.... I was supposed to be this... and should working with this person, modeling for that person.... helping out these people WHO DIDNT HELP ME... never even wanted to. Allowing people to discern that you have the ability to prioritize people’s wants and needs outside of your own can be dangerous. It’ll have your life sideways the same way I’m posing in this throwback picture from 2008, haha.

As stated above though, I want my story to be a happy one, where the characters in it... no matter how tainted, bruised, or broken they may be are doing their best to be apart of my story and have the right intent for being there. I mean who knows I may win a Nobel Peace Prize for best novels or something. Don’t laugh at me a girl can dream.

In order for this story to be possible I’m going to have to continue to trust myself. Heck, that’s the only way this story has been able to come alive in the first place. Trusting that no matter what I do... good, bad or indifferent... in the end everything will be okay. Especially if the outcome isn‘t what all those human beings who AREN’T even extras in your story may have anticipated. It’s such a much better feeling to live with a healthy and REAL levels of trust and confidence to get you through your days . It’s highly preferred by me unicorns over being defensive all of the time.

Instead of trying to unhappily become the closed book people who shall remain nameless have tried to make me... I am choosing to remain an open one. And continue my story through vivid and colorful chapters. So all in all the story of my life will be far from a perfect one as perfect is far from the goal. But a happy one.... that’s a goal that lights up my soul 😇🦄💕! Here’s to just letting your soul glow as they sing on ‘Coming to America’!

Ill be back next week unicorns.... I promise! Please continue to comment and support. It means the world!

- The 6 Foot Unicorn

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