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Potential Won’t Guarantee Success…. EVER!

Left to right Speech Pathologist, Family Medicine Hospitalist Physician, Senior Business Analyst. All Graduates of University of South Florida.

Drive - Direction = Destruction

There’s no doubt in my mind that whoever reads this will agree with the following assessment. There is nothing more unfortunate than WASTED POTENTIAL. Let that simmer for a tad bit.

My 8 year old son Chance perseveres to get his white belt!

Believe in your abilities. Diffidence can become a serial killer of not only dreams, but opportunities as well. One of my favorite books is “The Energy Bus” by …. In his book he speaks of energy vampire’s… I’m here to tell you unicorn’s energy vampire’s are real! I have rainbow garlic I wear around my neck to keep them very freaking far away from me! If you don’t believe in your own potential unicorns, no one else will. Your time will come once you have completely convinced yourself of what you have to offer the universe. You’ll realize once this happens others will believe in your craft as well.

Practice what you homilize. I’ll let you in on a little secret that’s not really a secret at all... If/ when you want to get better at something, you have to keep practicing it. In order to evolve as as good human being... I have to be good to other people. Do good things. Be kind. Serve others. Without these things I feel as if I wasting my potential as a humanitarian. Trust me your potential can and will if all you do is bank on just that alone. Shoulda coulda woulda‘s have never in any history carried anyone over the finish line. It’s awesome to know you have a future. The longer you contribute to its underdevelopment, it will become your past right before your eyes. It’s super cool to recognize it, don’t get me wrong. I recognize I shouldn’t sneak grapes from the grocery store sometimes.... but if I keep doing it that recognition becomes null and void. Action is necessary for results. PUT DOWN THOSE GRAPES 6 FOOT UNICORN OR PAY FOR THEM! WE SEE YOU!

Bringing your potential to life takes some serious energy. You’re going to have to get your energy stamina up to really hang with the big dogs. Those of our friends who solely lean on their potential to move forward in life meet a lot of forks in their road ahead I presume. There’s so many awesome folks out here with some riggidy raw talent but lack the passion to want to nurture it. To build it. To take the time to develop and grow it. To be brutally honest I have no clue where my passion for sharing my thoughts will lead me, and that’s really not my concern. It’s something that has made me happy for quite a while. Allows me to sooth my own nerves when I feel my temper flaring up. I think one thing I like about this new journey for me matters is that it’s brought me this feeling that I am paving a way to bring my potential to the real world.

All of this stuff really looks and sounds a lot easier than it really is unicorns. Trust me I am fully aware. I have learned that as long as you have the right people around you and you have a plan.... the right people will ensure you stick to your plan. Having those right people helping you stick to your plan will assist you with progressing towards fulfilling your potential, instead of painlessly watching it wither away. Pablo Picasso said it best “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”.

Until next time... please continue to not only plant seeds, but water them as well. I’m still looking for more ambassadors. I have a total of 6. Peace is love.

- The 6 Foot Unicorn

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