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Pick Up The Pieces, Or The Pace

Well hello there again unicorns! Let’s hop right to it today, shall we?! Success has its struggles, right? Yes, I am so glad that we all can more than likely agree with this notion. It’s far from a secret. I bet ya I have something that may be a little secret however... and maybe not for you directly... but maybe for someone you know... or you may be trying to help / support... for someone who’s following their heart, to follow there dreams. I want to let whoever will listen know:

The struggle is guaranteed.... success is not.

Different people will share various interpretations of this concept. I’ll share my stance with you on what this means for/to me. As with anything, doing things for the right reasons is what keeps me going. What pops out most to me on this section of memory lane is the sinple fact that we manifest the things we believe in, and we fight for them, we endure things not for the outcome necessarily... it will come together I promise you.

Let me tell you, I feel so rewarded when I follow my heart. As I’ve said before, my heart’s gps is far from broken... although it’s taken me on a few detours haha! I’m learning that my heart coupled with experience and guidance knows some pretty great routes. Even if there are pot holes, stop signs, red lights, or a little traffic staying the course will point me in the right direction. It doesn’t guarantee I’ll get there... but as we can all see I’m ok with taking those chances.

Maya Angelou said it best when she said “Success is liking yoursel, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”. In my professional opinion (although I’m no licensed practitione of behaviors or emotions... LET ME MAKE THAT CRYSTAL CLEAR), this tends to be the biggest struggle a lot us of deal with. And it’s the struggle we have with liking ourselves truly, that keeps us from liking what we do. The uphill battles will continue to increase if we continue to try to be like others... constantly please others.... and try to walk in other peoples shoes. Think about when someone sets goals for you versus when you set you own... which are you more apt to work harder towards? Take that same thought process and energy to work harder at living and manifesting your life... your truth... your aspirations instead of someone else’s! And don’t you dare... I mean please I’m begging you... not to allow anyone to feel entitled to anything they haven’t broken a single sweat or struggled for. I love the fact that my kid loves Dr. Seuss!

“Today you are you. That is truer than true. There’s no one alive that is YOUER than you”

Everyone is on this growth and progress kick now days. And I think it’s AWESOME! We have to keep in mind that we all grow at different speeds, and learn different ways. There’s a process to growth and progress. If you try to cheat the process, the cosmic powers that be will send you to the back of the progression line. When you take a puzzle out of a box... before you put it together what has to happen? You have to piece it together. You gotta pick up those pieces and place them in the right places. After you arrange a few nicely, typically with a slow start... you tend to catch on and move at a more rapid pace right? RIGHT! So here’s to picking up the pieces in your life AND picking up the pace of chasing your dreams! AND BEING PROUD OF WHICHEVER PART OF YOUR LIFE’S AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL MOVIE YOUR ON!

When my mind thinks my heart’s gps is taking a little bit too long to get to where we want... we all have to take a time out and sort of huddle up. I have to calm everyone down, and assure everyone that there will be some super cool, weird or funky stuff along the way! Until next time... keep it moving!

- The 6 Foot Unicorn

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