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Message from a little unicorn inside of the 6 foot unicorn

For so long I've had this to itch foster or bridge the gap between student athletes and the real world. To create some sort of union of that WE as student athletes could relate to, one that I've not only been through.... but have LIVED through! I'm sure people think of these things all the time, however i have been searching to find something existing that parallels my vision. Which is to harness a relationship to empower student athletes with the confidence they need to make the transition from athlete to professional. Im not talking about where people take care of their favorites either.... I’m taking more than giving or reaching back.... Im talking pulling those up who may need a pull, and pushing them to succeed in the after life. Teaching them how to love themselves after the giltz and glory. I’m sports we emphasize transition so much.... transition defense .... transition offense... we have a tough time teaching our youth about one of the most important transitions in their life though. And why is that? Is it because we don’t care? which is selfish... Is it because we’re more concerned with our own personal gain as leaders? Which is even more selfish... or is it because we don’t know how to? Could be a possibility. All of the above are... honestly. I mean I've done it. High School All American. Division I Big East Student Athlete for Jose Fernandez at The University of South Florida. Played professional basketball as well (I actually used to be the DOBO at George Mason University and Coastal Carolina University). I think we all in some way can agree that there comes a time in every athletes life where the ball drops, and you need people to help you deal with it dropping. Remember the same way coach used to teach you how to recover from turnovers? It’s the same thing! We need to cultivate an environment where our student athletes manifest that mentality and apply that mental toughness elsewhere. This can only be done through something we all like to call ... A support system.... A mentor.... coach if you will.... but more than one person... Similar to a sorority, but not with all the initiation. Where being the talented, bold & beautiful person you have always been is good enough. I have stepped away from sports for a bit and feel like doing so has compelled me even more to help develop the minds of collegiate student athletes. I currently work for a Fortune 500 Company, and would like to show others that it is possible. You are more than just a basketball player... footballer player... volleyball player.... you name it. As I have learned about myself, especially being overseas alone often - we have to accept and love ourselves.... if we don’t then who will? If you check out my instagram page @thatscoachpg you can see that I have the spirit and an urge for sharing my experiences with others to create that community that I feel we are missing. In 2015 I took a leap of faith and started at the bottom of the totem pole with my company. And have shattered stereotypes with the number of accolades and promotions I have achieved. I would love to illustrate how being the 6 foot unicorn I am... I can hit the gym... take care of my son... take my big behind to work... enjoy life... cry with the best of em ... and laugh with the rest of them. See... breaking records and winning can be done on and off the court! I would love to share my stories with all of you! They will not be limited to sports topics or feminine topics either. Unicorns embrace and embody a wide variety of characteristics and attributes. Please feel free to follow my IG, send me a DM, and any comments or concerns you may have. 

-The 6 Foot Unicorn 

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