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It’s A Different World....

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Springing right into April unicorns! I’m ready for all of the April showers to wash a few things away. I’m so glad that impermanence is a thing... like a REAL THING... the same way good things don’t always last forever, neither do bad things.

People ask me all of the time, how or why is change so easy for me. My answer hasn’t changed... and my mind told me it doesn’t plan on altering any response regarding change. My memory bank knows a few things - that it doesn’t have the pleasure of knowing things... like important things... like who my dad is... or my exact line of descent. Or why bad things happen to good people... all things that at a time weren’t okay... but they’ve change to being okay... these are the instances where there’s no other choice than to move on.

“Change is inevitable”

I share these things simply to say that as the cliche states: “change is inevitable”. I actually feel blessed and lucky to be able to understand that life’s always changing. Also to have to the ability to drift what may seem as easily to most (but trust me it’s not) through those changes- both good and bad. I’ve asked someone I respect, does the lack of solid foundation of my background make me weak or lesser of a person? And this person simply stated “Nope. It’s made you one hell of a fighter”.

Stick with me here....

We always brag about being different, like we have a choice in some of the things that differentiates us as people. I guess since the story of how I came to be, the way people wanted my story to go, who I am... has changed... it’s prepared me do deal with... well changes. Ever since I could remember my world was different. And I’m not pointing any fingers at anyone. I’m different, and not pointing any fingers or elbows at anyone... there‘s no difference in the information I lack, and lacking the name of the first street you lived on for security questions in my opinion... so yes... I’m pulling the “it is what it is” card out here....

Anyways... as I drift though the tougher times, knowing they won’t last long provides me a nest filled with comfort. Drifting farther away from good times doesn’t scare me too much, because I’ve learned their like boomerang’s and come back. The sooner we understand that we should respect the entity of impermanence... if some stuff was permanent I know for sure a lot of us would get the short end of the stick. So from my big mouth, and my loud voice of inspiration I’m shouting to all of you to explore the world we gotta embrace change. It’s a different world, then where we come from 🙃 And don’t feel bad for me either... this wasn’t a pity party... I know who I am... and as I stated a few years ago ... “Not all who wander, are lost”!

Until next time unicorn’s... while on your journey to finding yourself, be sure not to lose yourself. I mean it... whatever you look like inside and out... don’t lose it. I’m a free spirit, because I refuse to be tied down by social norms, and shabby standards that don’t mean squat when it’s all said and done. Try to think or exist this way for just a day... I promise it’s super liberating 🦄

- The 6 Foot Unicorn

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