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Updated: Jan 9, 2019

OMGEZUS YOUVE BEEN TOLD YOUR A FREAKING FAILURE... who wants to be one of those... who wants to not do things right? That’s like the worst thing in the world... right? WRONG! Of course it’s no where near anyone’s favorite vocabulary word I’m sure. Nor is it what we dream of being as little kids regardless of the countless not smart decisions we may make. But have you ever taken a second to reflect on the irony and beauty of the true essence of failure? News flash guys... I know unicorns seem perfect, but trust me WE ARE NOT. We all have experienced some type of failure and will continue to experience failures. I don’t care how rich you are... how cute you are... how smart you are... how well connected you are.... there will come a time when YOU WILL FAIL. And it’s okay. The same way beauty is not perfection... neither is knowing it all & having all the answers, or always being seen or being liked. I can go on and on with regard to different environments -sports/fitness, family, friends, youth development, different operations I’ve helped become successful, cats & dogs, people cooking my food at restaurants who think they know but don’t really know how hot I like my food! Sorry I went off on a tangent... I’m saying all of the above to say that if someone knows everything I want them out of my face. Like I want them on the first thing smoking! That’s as a supervisor/hiring manager, a mother, teacher/coach, friend, romantic partner... Just throw the whole “know it all away” as the cutie pie Zoie who knows a lot ( but not all ) would say. We all struggle with similar issues in different forms. Unicorns, that moment that you think you’ve arrived is precisely the moment you lose your powers as a unicorn.... now wait before you get all 38 hot... hear me out for a second:

- Players (athletes)- if you think you’re the only ones running... jumping... going to class... lifting... scoring... hitting the glass trust me just as sure as my name is Miss Porche D. Grant ... YOU’RE not. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will get you to where you want to go. Doing the things others don’t like to do will keep you there. - Professionals- if you think looking the part will separate you from everyone else... relying on charm (as my friend Malisa would say), or names of the places you worked previously as the artist formally known as “who gives a crap” substantiates your ability to do your current job... IT DOESN’T. Dressing for success is a major way to mentally prep, and take yourself seriously.... so this is definitely something I believe in. Creating healthy level of happiness in your workplace (especially in a position of power or leadership) will add to this success. Being disciplined/focused and facilitating self accountability will enhance your journey as a professional. Respecting others knowledge/expertise and giving credit where it’s due will be very becoming of you as well. You’ve got to want the credit just as bad when you’re losing as you do when you’re winning.

- Prince’s & Princesses- if you think that being easy on the eyes will get you buy... I’m here to tell you that when it’s all said and done... NOBODY CARES.... it may get you in the door... may even get you a nice meal... or a free trip... but trust my superpowers when I say it won’t keep you anywhere. Just like there’s always someone smarter or richer, there will always be someone prettier, or with a better physique. So instead of using all of the things that you shouldn’t even take credit for in the first place like your face, skin, hair etc (I blame our parents for how we look, and thank them for getting together as well :o)... let’s try to use our energy to focus on something more tangible.... and allow our beauty to be a bonus. A very knowledgeable and handsome gentleman I know who serves in our United States Army, Michael Eke, said to me one day in conversation “PG it’s good to have goals & to be successful, but if that’s you’re ultimate priority & all you care about shorty (although we’re like the same height), then your goal must be to be single for the rest of your life”. This same young man also never hesitates to share (yes he spits quite a bit of knowledge) whenever I call him handsome  that he’s just a regular dude trying to make a living and take care of his family. Although Eke is far from normal, serving in the military and saving people’s lives is no joke (notice how looks has nothing to do with being a hero like in the movies based on my last statement). Moral of this little story fellow unicorns is to not take yourself too seriously.... especially with things that can change at the drop of a hat. Beauty is only skin deep... a beautiful spirit however... is a credit card that will never get declined. Failure creates the things we need to survive folks. Mistakes happen when we fail, which affords us opportunities to learn. When we’re lucky failing provides second chances for us to get it right. Failure creates passion, it speaks the nonverbal language we know as effort. It shows us what we’re made of and makes us not only stronger... but human as well. Keep in mind you brain and body both have indicators for your survival and self preservation. When I tell you that fear elicits admirable reproduction, I am saying that when we care about something, we fear messing up the things we care about... this sense of care or pride allows affords us the the urge to TRY AGAIN.... when we have the courage to try again... we as unicorns typically learn from our mistakes. It’s that courage to try again which is admirable, and gives us the chance to get things right...

Ps. - If you guys can’t tell I love words that start with a “p”. As I continue to privy things on my mind, and produce these post’s with topics I am passionate about for our fellow unicorns, I just thought I’d also share... that if you think it’s a thing... IT IS. Fun fact may favorite colors are pink and green... kind of like my initials :o)

-The 6 Foot Unicorn

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