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Do you want to live or survive man? It’s up to you.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to take a deep breath... and ask yourself are you living or surviving? I pray to the most high that you’re ready to both give and receive the honest answer you provide yourself.

We are all taught how to survive, from the moment we leave our mothers precious womb. First we breathe. Then we cry, after some butthole we don’t know slaps us, but let me calm down. We then learn how to eat, walk, talk, so on and so forth. These are things that are supposed to happen, if I have any unicorns that beg to differ please let’s get a healthy debate started. Yes these things should happen... however in my heart of hearts I truly believe that we were made to live.... not to just survive.

Take a moment to ponder about how these two words are so similar, but yet so different. To survive isn’t a bad thing don’t get me wrong.... I mean where would we be if we didn’t have the capacity to exist. All I’m saying is let’s not sell ourselves short here. Think about it... don’t you hate it when someone is there just to be there... like... yea uhm I’m alive whoopdi do. But think about what it means to live.... and to love life. To be passionate about things that validate your purpose. Now you’re talking. Life has so many synonymous meanings. The word exudes those who are jovial and enthusiastic. People who are involved and cherish the richness and potency of experiences. Life is exciting. Survival isn’t mediocre, but it does come with a primitive undertone. With life comes emotions, feelings, caring. People trying to survive if you haven’t noticed will do anything to get by. They can be lost, sick (drugs/mentally/physically). They will allow nothing to stand in their way. Don’t get me wrong, when you live your life, of course people will get hurt in the process, however that’s not the intent. Survival brings out selfishness... a certain degree of pride and preservation where people value nothing over their own well being. A constant dogfight. A constant struggle. Living allows us as people to care about not only the survival of others, but the lives of others as well. Have you ever seen a person who to the eye seems like they might have the toughest time living? But they’re so thankful to be alive. Regardless of circumstances. Those souls are the ones that should give all of us hope. I can recall living abroad with homeless friends- some married, and happy to have each other. Now yes I know this is a little extreme, but just let that marinate. When we make the decision to do a lot with the little we are given, we can make so much more- do a lot with a little, instead of doing a little with a lot.

I’ve been in survival mode before, and thank the man upstairs that I am capable of surviving if and when I need to unicorns. After being in survival mode and fighting the fight for what seemed like forever (give or take 2 years) I told myself I was done with being here. It’s like a light bulb went off in my head. I spoke to myself and I said hey you “ I've always loved life. I accept the mere fact that don't know what's ahead. As bizarre as it may sound... I love not knowing what's around the corner. There's always going to be circumstances you can't plan for... Along with those comes unexpected relevance... Somehow you end up finding something good without even looking for it... Innovation is serendipity ✌🏾.

I am so thankful that I have learned how to live though, and am living. Making others happy, sharing my world. It’s mentally exhausting when you wake up many days wondering how you have to prevent yourself from falling off- nutritionally, physically, you name it. It feels so much better to focus on achieving things and growing. Although both of these entities basically share the same ending result. I want you guys to live (survival comes along with the territory). You can do it for yourself, or you can do it for the people who love you and care about the life you live. Let’s create a positive domino affect. Until next time

-The 6 Foot Unicorn

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