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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Unicorns I’m going to start this exchange with a small public service announcement ... The main thing I’m concerned about accepting as of now is my freaking happiness. It’s taken a whole heap of a lot for me to finally ACCEPT the mere fact that I deserve to just... be... HAPPY. Whatever that may look like. So since I know I deserve it, I finally accept it. This way of thinking.... kind of gets applied to other things we face and/or encounter as well. There comes times we should accept things, while other times we shouldn’t. Keep reading to tap into my thought process.

I’ve fallen victim to the mindset that if certain people or groups accept me... if I win them over... they will like me... and maybe support me. But guess what unicorns... I was so wrong when I had that mentality. I’m cool though... i pinky promise all of you that.

As people we value acceptance so much. It’s a feeling we cannot escape the want to feel or be accepted.... which is fine I guess. However I am sure of one stupid thing about the entire concept of acceptance... which is ... we fail to understand who we should seek acceptance from and why.

The concept can become a tad confusing especially when we become accustomed to those who teach us defining acceptance as liking, wantzing, or supporting. When I realize I’ve accepted something for face value, it doesn’t always mean I like it... my mind/body/heart understands to a certain level of satisfaction and says the infamous “it is what it is” phrase. I can count on my fingers and toes the different things I’ve washed my hands with, and wouldn’t have been able to if I had not accepted those situations for what they were. For example im on vacation a few years back. Fun fact... im an animal lover. Anyways.... a girls trip to Miami. While I’m there my guy at the time calls me and tells me my puppy 🐶, a cute little Yorkie by the name of Frankie is gone. So I asked “what do you mean he’s gone? Where is he?”... At this point I’m thinking that he’s playing a joke on me because he’s upset that I’m out of town. A very unfunny joke. As a result my mind began to accept the fact that he’s just mad because he didn’t come with me, and he’s saying anything to make me upset.... until he sends me a photo of my puppy dead because he had been hit by a car! I was crushed. He apologized for sending me the photo, but he figured I wouldn’t believe him unless he showed me.... which was true. Long story short I had to accept that my dog was dead... and no matter the countless amount of times I listened to Lil Wayne‘s ‘I miss my Dawg’ it wasn’t going to bring Frankie back. No matter how much I pondered about why someone didn’t watch him better. He was gone.

This post from a little shy of 4 years ago is a testimony of how much I advocate acceptance. Ironically I advocate the laws of acceptance and the art or making exceptions (I’m a Gemini that’s all I have to say... it’s my story and I’m sticking to it). Piggy backing off of my poor Frankie. I had to accept he was gone and move on. That leads me to highlight that in order to adopt acceptance we must understand that its something we have to actively practice. And as most things its easier said than done. But if your goal is to declutter your mind and heart please do yourself a favor and try this. Just go ahead and accept the fact that somethings will be harder to accept than others off the break. You know how stupid I used to feel for being in my 30’s.... not married ... after being engaged twice.... with a kid... lol! Whew that was sort of a mouth full. But yes! I used to be super embarrassed! But guess what IT IS WHAT IT IS! I’m not married yet because I’m not supposed to be! This leads me to my next little sprinkle of advice. Just because we accept things for the moment, doesn’t mean we are accepting things will be that way forever. This is the thing I actually struggle with the most, but I’m a work in progress. Yes I feel like I will be alone forever... like a combination of Keri & Samantha from the hit sitcom ’Sex In The City’... but we will see where I stand in a year or two.

All in all unicorns, whatever you’re battling accepting I get it. Whether your accepting the way you look, your health, financial situation, the parameters of a relationship... my big cousin Mpumi always says “it is what it is, but it ain’t what it could be”. That thing we know as acceptance can be applied to our emotions, our past, or our thoughts.... and often times our futures can be predicated from some of the major things we choose or choose not to accept. One thing I’m done with accepting is guilt. I am like so over that foolishness. That son of a gun IS NOT INVITED TO MY HAPPINESS PARTY. And anyone who tries to invite his or her behind can politely stay outside with them. Trust and believe I don’t need any security okurrrrrrrr.

Present your true self to people, and the real ones will love you. Now that’s some real acceptance for all of us. Until next time everybody ✌🏾

- The 6 Foot Unicorn

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