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A Moment of Clarity

Happy Thursday Unicorns 🦄! Okay now that I’ve gotten my usual honky-dory stuff out of the way.... I’ll follow it up with a quick.... SORRY NOT SORRY... because i had a rough couple of days.... this is a rant!

What do you see when you look at this photo. I know some people may see a bad mamma JAMA, milf or is ironic as it may sound a woman crush Wednesday. I see a little girl... turned tomboy turned scholar hooper.... turned D1 athlete turned mom turned pro athlete turned into whatever the hell she decides to be. And it's all because she's learned over her years in many different places facing different situations how to have a thought process that empowers her to go after things in life she wants. The fact that she's real has brought her a long way. Being flexible.... and not just double jointed has allowed her to adapt to a variety of situations.

I've known this young lady since she evolved... and through the different yet quite similar paths we've strolled down she exists as a familiar example to me. Personifying the true fact that successful women think differently than the average woman. They make decisions differently, set goals differently, and bounce back from failure and adversity differently. Above all here I place the essence of bouncing back from adversity. She has a story, well stories, which to many are powerful and written beautifully by decisions she has had to make. Some in all seriousness demonstrate the threats some women in reality face. However, i can't say unbothered by things because as women there's no damn way to be unbothered by our situation... but regardless of circumstance she maintains healthy levels of agency, something I can personally attest to as my dear friend she has empowered me to do so much. She exercises resilience and and embraces identities so far from depictions of what other people expect her to be. There's a certain strength which enables her help her loved ones to escape or distance themselves from difficult situations.

Ladies: Is actually living "GIRL POWER" easy? Is it natural? Is she faking it?

If she's faking being a feminist she's one hell of an actor. And I say this with the utmost respect, and as humbly as I can.... with ALL of the Southeast, DC running through my veins.... I ain’t ever been fakin! Ain’t gotta fake! I mean I appreciate a woman comfortable in her own skin. Comfy enough to compliment other women. To let others know where she shops. To push her friends to do more. To want other women to do well even if it means they may be better than her. She's a walking billboard for girl power. From her versatile forms of expression- style, dress, hobbies, music, hell even the things she drinks. One thing that any woman does exceptionally well is think outside the box, and I've witnessed her cultivate this in so many other young women it's crazy! Being a woman is LIT. Especially a tall one!

Naysayers: Was becoming a mom her senior year of college the LIT thing to do?

Hell no it wasn't. But she didn't care. The same mentality she has carried throughout her entire life surfaced when she found out she was pregnant the morning that USF Women's Basketball team played University of Florida's Women's Basketball team in 2009. For as long as I've known this chick, she's either done things that no one thinks is cool... does them before other thinks their cool... or does what she feels in her heart and doesn't care about others approval. It takes a strong person to take risks... especially when your on a full division 1 scholarship 16 hours from home and have to tell what feels like the world your pregnant. Trust me, this young lady pauses at times and admirably takes pride in being a good mother... valuing the abundance of abilities and talents (big & small) she’s collected along the way.

Kindred Spirit

All this she this and her that is probably so annoying though. So for any of you guys & gals who want to know who she is.... she is Miss Porche D. Grant. A tasteful free spirited individual that empowers women, frames her weaknesses so her competitors won't, and in subtle ways (exhibit A above) embraces her sexuality as a female, a mother, and above all else... a woman. #GirlPower

Unicorns, the clarity of our intuition is so freaking refreshing. Let’s find a way to stick ourselves on our refrigerator‘s.... so when people visit our homes, they can see the A’s or A+’s we’ve accomplished. Night night.

- The 6 foot Unicorn

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